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Kevin Land Patrick

While my writings discuss infrastructure and resources in detail and try to be as factual as possible, I purposely omit essentials that might be used to harm persons or property. This is all in fun!


Books designed to take one on a journey into historical fact,  a fictional present, and a sobering realism of what may be.

I am the Senior Partner and Founder of:

WATERLAW-Patrick Miller Noto

I am a licensed attorney in Arizona, Colorado, Oklahoma and Texas, numerous Federal Courts and the United States Supreme Court.

I also have the honor of being on several Boards:

-Past Board Member of the Bloomberg Water Law & Policy Monitor

-Board of Advisors Sustainable Energy Resources Law Institute

I have spoken at or chaired conferences on water policy, water planning, and water resource issues throughout the United States, Canada, Central America, South America and Europe. 

I have also authored numerous publications of a legal nature (which you can peruse in the Resume page) before embarking on what I truly love, fiction writing.

​My goal is to provide a realistic view of water, while interjecting global politics and some hypothetical threats to our world in an entertaining format. My hope is that you will be entertained.