Kevin Land Patrick

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Suspense through A mix of fact & fiction 

I have been involved with water my entire life from being a Divemaster to practicing water law throughout the United Sates. My passion though is writing. I just finished my third novel which is expected to be released this summer and I am hard at work on the fourth. I love the process.   

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A Writer's Tale


What the reviews say about Threatened Waters:

“original”… “fascinating”… “gripping”

 “Patrick's apparent knowledge of the water and power grid makes me relieved he is on ‘our side’"

“a page turner” 

“a great read”

"A spy novel that runs full tilt from beginning to end; action junkies will be more than satiated."

"Patrick’s descriptions are so meticulously detailed that it seems as if he’s choreographing a precisely edited and invigorating action film."

                        Kirkus Reviews

 "A gripping and frightening story, as it could happen, told in very tense and 24 style chapter endings. Your heart pounding at to what is going to happen next .  Five Stars."

​                 Goodreads Review