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5 out of 5 stars

Threatened Waters is a Thriller revolving around what could be a devastating attack on the US and their citizens.  Kevin Land Patrick writes a story that is incredibly thought out and researched — allowing the reader to really get into the story without feeling like “this couldn’t happen” or being pulled out by an inaccuracy.  Now, that being said — I’m not a Park Ranger, CIA or FBI agent,  or an engineer, so I don’t really know if the details inside are actually accurate or not.  But they felt accurate.

This book was fast-paced and hard-hitting.  Every time I thought that I had an exact idea of what the bad guys would do next or what the good guys would do to counteract them the book would take another turn.  I found myself trying to guess one step ahead towards the end and I was still wrong.  Any book that can keep me on my toes without losing me in the dust is an enjoyable one in my book.

Kevin Land Patrick can count himself up there with some of my favorite thriller authors like Nick Thacker and Boyd Morrison.  Threatened Waters had some of the same story and plot lines as some of my favorite books by those authors but he was able to write it in a way that also felt new and unique.

It’s amazing to me, until the last hour or so of the book, I wasn’t sure about the name or the description for Threatened Waters. But without giving much away — the final push of the book really does make everything and you really feel rewarded as a reader as you get to the end.

The narration for Threatened Waters was done by Alex Knox, whom I think lent the perfect voice for this story.  Knox was able to take some of the technical and more detail oriented paragraphs and pages and make them flow like water. I believe that Patrick is lucky to have Knox voice this because it really took an already enjoyable story and made it even more enjoyable.

Overall, you can count Threatened Waters up there as one of my favorite terror-thrillers of 2017. 

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“A gripping and frightening story, as it could happen. A highly entertaining gripping thriller. Highly recommended to my friends in Goodreads, keen thriller fans and members of my thriller group, A Good Thriller, Five stars.”

Sean Peters, Moderator



The CIA and allies try to stop a formidable and malignant terrorist organization from instigating an international war in Patrick’s (Threatened Waters, 2014) thriller.

It’s been 18 months since terrorists nearly succeeded with a catastrophic nuclear attack on U.S. soil. A CIA task force now has assets, including returning characters Zach Greer and Elle Hardwick, following the money behind the strike—and the largely unknown group calling itself the Gulf Service. But covertly trailing a Middle Eastern oil magnate’s yacht in Italy isn’t easy for Zach and his team; men on the vessel spot the surveillance almost immediately. Zach suspects that a mole is feeding intelligence to the Gulf Service, which in turn is hunting CIA agents. It’s clear that the nefarious group is well connected—it’s a multinational organization that has been around for decades. Its latest fiendish plan starts with convincing America that Iran attacked the country and that the U.S. should respond accordingly. This novel, like Patrick’s last one, practically overflows with espionage and action sequences. The story’s barely begun when Zach’s rolling off his boat into the water to avoid a barrage of gunfire. Patrick doesn’t give readers much time to breathe; even ex-SEAL Ramsey Turner attaching tracking devices to the baddies’ yacht is relentlessly tense. There’s likewise an impressive amount of ultra- cool spy moments: Elle uses a lip brush with a hidden camera, and Zach interrogates (and threatens to kill) an abductee while simultaneously cooking pasta in another room. Patrick’s descriptions are so meticulously detailed that it seems as if he’s choreographing a precisely edited and invigorating action film. Elle bathing, in fact, is so specific—her “smooth and flawless” skin and the subtle flavors of the wine she’s sipping—that it’s the literary equivalent of a nude scene. It’s no surprise, then, that nuance among characters or relationships seems almost nonexistent. Zach’s wife, Sandy, for example, a significant player in the preceding novel, serves little purpose other than as a loved one the villains can target. Nevertheless, readers looking for nonstop action and thrills won’t mind and will be excited by the prospect of another sequel.

A spy novel that runs full tilt from beginning to end; action junkies will be more than satiated.

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“Fast paced, brilliant 5-STAR Techno-thriller. A gripping page-turner.” Indie Author News


“SILKWORM finds America still recovering from debilitating attacks on its water and electricity infrastructure, which resulted in thousands of deaths and a lingering radioactive zone in the southwest. Nearly two years later, CIA operative Elle Hardwick continues to pursue a group known as the Twelvers. The group, believed to have been led by a global syndicate of twelve wealthy industrialists, hardly fits the standard profile of a terrorist organization. According to Hardwick’s theory, the group had been in existence for at least 70 years.

As protagonists go, Hardwick is serviceable enough, but the book’s first chapters, which pre-date Hardwick by decades, prove that Patrick himself is the real star of the book. A prominent water attorney and infrastructure expert, Patrick possesses an uncanny ability to reimagine historical events through an extremely sophisticated framework that includes hair-raising geopolitics, arms dealers and economics. Keen observations about greed and power, high-octane action and intellectual chess are served in equal measure. The result is a well-told thriller about a war over resources and power that, thankfully, is never sullied by post-911 religious fanaticism. Highly recommended for fans of Mark Greaney and Brad Meltzer.” BestThrillers.com