While the world reels from Russia’s overtures in its former Republics and the Middle East falls into turmoil, terrorist cells disappear overnight from Europe after meeting with a Russian suspected to deal in unconventional arms. Appearing in the United States through its southern border, multiple attacks on America’s vulnerable water infrastructure threaten to return the United States to eighteenth century conditions. Zach Greer, an ex-Ranger FBI agent and Elle Hardwick, a striking CIA operative race to thwart the next attack as the United States confronts a new understanding of the importance of electricity and water to twenty-first century civilization. And just how vulnerable water infrastructure is to acts which Threaten Waters essential for life. 

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CIA agents are being systematically eliminated throughout Europe as they close in on the identity of the Iranian-linked group tied to nuclear terrorism against U.S. water infrastructure. As Washington marches toward war with Iran, Zach Greer and Elle Hardwick return from the novel Threatened Waters to uncover a group so powerful that many of the events of the last half-century may be tied to them. Governments and markets are being manipulated threatening a worldwide conflict between Russia, Iran, ISIS and the US. Religious, economic and political alliances are not what they seem.

Available at Amazon, Barnes & Noble and select bookstores.

Terrorists have committed the unthinkable, nuclear and conventional attacks on America’s homeland. The terrorists though are not ideologically or religious driven, but a worldwide network of wealthy icons who use terrorism to manipulate economic markets and world events for altruistic and economic gain. Elle Hardwick, attractive and formidable, is the CIA’s top clandestine agent. Her prey though has tentacles in nearly every institution, including the world’s intelligence agencies. For Elle, the solution is simple: Go dark and track them across Europe, South America and into the White House. 

Available at Amazon and select bookstores.